WLRN Channel 17 TV Schedule

Saturday, December 20
2:00 AM
How We Got to Now With Steven Johnson
How light changed the world. Included: Edison's light bulb; an 18th-century ship's skipper's discovery of a source of illumination; a French scientist's accidental discovery of neon light. Also: the roles that teamwork and collaboration played.
3:00 AM
Super Skyscrapers
“The Billionaire Building”
The series concludes with the construction of One57, a Manhattan skyscraper that will rise more than 1000 feet and become the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere. Its condominiums will feature state-of-the-art interiors.
4:00 AM
DCI Banks
“A Piece of My Heart”
Banks investigates a journalist's death, which may be linked to a case from the 1980s.
5:34 AM
Forensics: Beyond the CSI Effect
6:00 AM
Curious George
“Curious George and the Dam Builders; Curious George's Low High Score”
George meets a family of beavers and builds a dam like theirs, but a heavy rainfall washes both dams away. Also: George is confused by mini-golf, where low scores beat high scores.
6:30 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
“Jump!; Slow Down for Sloths”
Nick and Sally learn to jump from grasshoppers, a kangaroo and a flea; and learn to go slow from a sloth.
7:00 AM
Bob the Builder
“Developing Confidence”
The Season 7 opener introduces new team member Scratch, who discovers buried treasure outside Fixham Museum; Scoop, Dizzy, and Scrambler play a game of monster chase, but Lofty doesn't realize it's a game.
7:30 AM
Thomas & Friends
“Safe & Sound”
Henry's desire for everything to be as safe as possible leads him to change things that are already safe. Later, the box that Sir Topham Hatt gave Henry to deliver to a field seems to have disappeared and been replaced by Christmas trees.
8:00 AM
Space Racers
“Careering Off Course; Drifting”
Career Day finds the Racers testing their potential future jobs; Crane and Vulture are stranded in space by a geomagnetic storm.
8:30 AM
“The Superworldwidedesalinator”
With Tipsville in the midst of a drought, Backhand blackmails the mayor into backing Darkhand's latest scheme: building a huge desalination plant so that he can corner the water market.
9:00 AM
America's Test Kitchen
“Let's Start With Soup”
Wild rice and mushroom soup; creamy cauliflower soup. Also: a wild rice taste-off.
9:30 AM
Cook's Country From America's Test Kitchen
“Great American Meat and Potatoes”
Atlanta brisket; roasted salt-and-vinegar potatoes. Also: a steak sauce taste-off.
10:00 AM
Pati's Mexican Table
“Pati's Texican”
Tex-Mex chili; poblano, bacon and cheddar skillet corn bread; and Mexican chocolate donuts.
10:30 AM
Lidia's Kitchen
“A Perfect Weeknight Meal”
Carrot and apple salad; salmon fillets with prosecco served with savory potatoes; and apple crumble.
11:00 AM
A Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking
“North Fork”
A Long Island excursion features chefs Bill Taibe and Will Horowitz, who help with a clambake; whelk and potatoes with celery salsa verde and ramp mayo; roasted carrot and beets with fermented black beans; sesame smoked crescent farm duck with grits.
11:30 AM
Primal Grill With Steven Raichlen
“Heat Without Meat”
12:00 PM
Martha Stewart's Cooking School
Salad recipes. Included: frisée aux lardons, which is a French salad that features spicy greens, bacon, poached eggs and vinaigrette; a chopped salad; Caesar salad; and stacked butter lettuce with citrus and yuzu vinaigrette.
12:30 PM
Martha Bakes
Oven-baked French toast; a quiche filled with peas and ham; a strata made with fontina cheese, ham and onion; and a German pancake known as a Dutch baby.
1:00 PM
Sara's Weeknight Meals
Healthy meal suggestions from chef-cookbook author Sara Moulton.
1:30 PM
The Mind of a Chef
The bonds of tradition that help forge the identities of families and individuals are examined.
2:00 PM
Ultimate Restorations
“The Schooner Coronet: Racing Into History”
An 1885 schooner is restored in the Season 1 finale.
3:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow
“Miami Beach, Florida”
Part 2 of 3 in Miami Beach features beachcombing tips and advice on how to buy and sell gold. Appraised items include an archive of correspondence with Winston Churchill; a 1908 example of New Orleans' Newcomb College pottery; and vintage diamond rings.
4:00 PM
A Craftsman's Legacy
“The Basket Weaver”
Weaving bark baskets is demonstrated in the Season 1 finale.
4:30 PM
“Board to the Core: Salemtown Board Co.; Meckley's”
The Season 2 finale features Nashville's Salemtown Board Company, which makes handcrafted skateboards; and Meckley's, an apple orchard in Somerset Center, Mich., that makes homemade hard cider.
5:00 PM
Shelter Me: New Beginnings
A German shepherd found emaciated in Compton, Cal., that now thrives on a 700-acre ranch; and the work of Aimee Sadler, who encourages shelters to create play groups for the dogs in their care.
6:00 PM
She-Wolves: England's Early Queens
“Matilda and Eleanor”
The three-part chronicle of medieval and Tudor queens begins in the 12th century with the Empress Matilda and her daughter-in-law Eleanor of Aquitaine. Matilda, the daughter of Henry I and mother of Henry II, ruled for only a brief time.
7:00 PM
Mr. & Mrs. Murder
“Early Checkout”
In the series premiere, married crime-scene cleaners Charlie and Nicola Buchanan investigate the murder of a national icon found dead in a hip hotel.
8:00 PM
Doc Martin
“The Wrong Goodbye”
On his last day before moving to London, Martin treats a cabbie with a headache. Later, he helps the man's wife, and realizes that Louisa may be in danger because the taxi driver is supposed to drive her to her hospital appointment.
9:00 PM
The National Christmas Tree Lighting 2014
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson host the 92nd annual national Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Performers include Wilson, Fifth Harmony, Patti LaBelle, Steve Miller, Ne-Yo, Nico & Vinz, the Tenors and Chely Wright. From President's Park in Washington, D.C.
10:00 PM
Joshua Bell Presents Musical Gifts
Violinist Joshua Bell celebrates the holidays with guests Renee Fleming, Michael Feinstein, Frankie Moreno, Rob Moose and the Young People's Chorus of New York City for an intimate concert at his Manhattan home.
11:00 PM
Austin City Limits
“Rodrigo y Gabriela”
The Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela perform.