WLRN Channel 17 TV Schedule

Monday, August 03
5:30 PM
Curious George
“Big, Bad Hunley; George's Simple Siphon”
Hundley wants to be taller; Bill's pool is filled with algae.
6:00 PM
Rick Steves' Europe
Season 8 concludes in Berlin. Included: its trendy east side, people-friendly riverfront and vibrant social scene.
6:30 PM
Dream of Italy
Season 1 concludes in Puglia in southern Italy. Included: Lecce, which is known for its architecture; Squinzano, where an olive mill is visited; Grottaglie, which is famous for its ceramics; and Alberobello, which is known for its cone-shaped houses.
7:00 PM
“A Sloth Named Velcro”
The story of an orphaned sloth named Velcro and the journalist who raised it for two years. Also: information about sloths and sloth society; and the increase in sloth sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers throughout the Americas.
8:00 PM
Sharks: The Big Five
A look at tiger sharks, sand tiger shark, bull sharks, hammerhead sharks and great whites. Included: the role sharks play in their environment.
9:00 PM
Wild Africa
Arid areas of Africa include the Namib, Karoo, Kalahari and Sahara deserts. Also: how Africa's climatic patterns have shaped its ecology.
10:00 PM
Alaska: America's Wildest Refuge
An examination of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.
11:00 PM
Globe Trekker
“Central Japan”
Megan McCormick tours Japan. She starts the journey in Kyoto, where activities include browsing a flea market, meditating with a Buddhist monk and being entertained by geishas at a banquet. She also visits the Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine.